Baicells Unveils New Features for HaloB, Further Innovating Integrated EPC / 5GC Solution for Fixed Wireless LTE Base Stations


PLANO, Texas, September 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Baicells Technologies, a leading manufacturer of cost-effective plug-and-play LTE and 5G fixed wireless hardware solutions, today announced further enhancements for HaloB, the integrated EPC / 5GC solution for products Baicells eNodeB.

HaloB’s streamlined design makes deploying LTE and 5G private networks faster and easier than ever before, while removing the high costs and complexities typically associated with an EPC / 5GC. New HaloB enhancement items will include support for Multi-APN, Layer 2, and Mobility. Multi-APN will allow configuration of multiple APNs, which is useful for separating different types of traffic, such as management, data, and voice, on separate networks and VLANs. Layer 2 mode, when configured and when using a supported CPE, uses a tunneling protocol to establish an L2 connection between the CPE and eNodeB. Mobility will allow UEs to pass between neighboring eNodeBs, thus improving network reliability.

“With the vast majority of Baicells’ eNodeBs running in HaloB mode, our integrated core solution has proven to be very robust and easy to deploy, requiring only one push of a button to activate,” said Jesse raasch, chief technology officer of North America at Baicells Technologies. “The new HaloB features that will be deployed reinforce our vision for IT and Telecom convergence as they enable kernelless deployment while further bridging the feature gap. ”

“Baicells has worked for years to simplify and democratize fixed wireless LTE for Internet service providers around the world,” said Boun Senekham, Baicells Technologies vice president of sales for North America. “By integrating the core of the base station, we make it easier and more affordable for anyone looking to build a private LTE network to quickly set up their networks and start providing services to their communities. “

New HaloB features, for Multi-APN and Layer 2, are expected to launch via eNodeB, CPE, and OMC software updates in late September, while support for Mobility is expected in late December. HaloB licenses will be available for purchase through the Baicells online store.

To learn more about Baicells LTE and 5G fixed wireless hardware, please contact [email protected].

About Baicells

Baicells is an international company that provides competitively priced and technically innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR access solutions that connect more than 50 countries around the world. Our ever-growing goal of “Connecting the Unconnected” has led to the establishment of offices on five of the seven continents and the development of over 300 patents since our inception in 2014. Baicells currently owns over 700 private LTE networks across the world, with a large percentage of these trusted networks operating in North America. To meet the growing demand for increased connectivity, Baicells production is booming with manufacturing plants operating in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam alongside an extensive relationship with global manufacturers.

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