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Arlington, Virginia and Pittsburgh- (Business thread) -Tomorrow’s World Today is a cutting-edge TV show on the latest developments in sustainability, technology and innovation, an Emmy-nominated TV season 4, and advanced critical electronics for aerospace and defense. We will present CAES, the leader in equipment. spectacle. Unveiled on August 21, this episode explores the science behind how CAES uncovers solutions that enable the world’s most important missions.

For more than 30 years, CAES engineers have specialized in a full line of microelectronics that enables spacecraft and satellites that require reliability in high cosmic rays and extreme temperatures without degrading electronics and computers. I designed it. Field reporter Greg Costantino toured CAES ‘facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado, heard about CAES’s space heritage, and took a hands-on tour of manufacturing, testing and packaging radiation resistant microelectronics. Costantino will study how this CAES technology drives space missions such as: Mars Persevia Run Rover We also support the medical imaging industry with computed tomography (CT) scanners.

Mike Elias, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Space Systems, said: CAES.

“Audiences can really enjoy this episode,” said Julian Taylor, executive producer and director of Tomorrow’s World Today. “It’s fascinating to explore the rigorous processes that something as small as a semiconductor must go through to be useful in space. ”

Today’s Tomorrow’s World Season 4 Episode 5 with CAES airs on the Science Channel at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 21 and on the Discovery Channel at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 22. It will be broadcast. You can also stream it on Discovery Go and Science Go the following week.

About today’s world of tomorrow

Tomorrow’s World Today is an Emmy-nominated television show that aims to find better ways to lead more sustainable lives. Focusing on the latest technology and sustainability in four areas: inspiration, creativity, innovation and production, field reporters seek out innovative pioneers leveraging our natural and technological resources. I travel the world. New ideas are the source of innovation. What are you doing for the world of today and tomorrow?

About ACES

CAES is a pioneer in advanced electronics for the most technically demanding reliable military and aerospace systems. CAES is the leading provider of mixed signal and radiation resistance technologies for the aerospace and defense industries, providing reliable RF, microwave and millimeter, microelectronic and digital solutions to keep our customers safer and more secure. We can make sure we have good soil. On land, at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace, CAES’s vast enhanced electronics and manufacturing capabilities are at the forefront of critical military and aerospace innovation.

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