Drag / drop Firefox for Android to refresh after latest stable v91 update


There’s a reason Google Chrome remains the most popular web browser on the planet. Of course, coming as a pre-installed Android app plays a huge role, but there is more to this fame.

Along with its simplicity with quick and easy-to-use navigation tools, Chrome also contains a host of useful features that come in handy during daily use on various devices.

One of those handy features that has eluded the competition for years is the ability to swipe down or pull to refresh an open web page.

Apple’s Safari, for example, only supported this feature with the update to iOS 15. We all know this version is still in beta, but it should hit the stable channel in a few weeks. .

Mozilla, meanwhile, has been testing a similar feature on Firefox for months now. He appeared for the first time last october in a night-time build and has been in that condition ever since.

With the exit of the stable Firefox 91 Update A few days ago, Android users were hoping Mozilla would sneak in the long-awaited gesture of refresh. But much to their disappointment, the wait is still there.


It’s fucking crazy…. This feature should be integrated as soon as possible, it makes a huge difference for usability

According to an Android user who was able to refresh himself in a nightly version of Firefox, the feature is still buggy at the moment and would likely shut down the browser.

Still, that doesn’t fit considering he first appeared on the Night Channel almost a year ago. Heck, Mozilla hasn’t even been able to get it up the ladder and into the beta channel.

The problem is, it’s definitely not stable. I run every night and end up refreshing the pages when I want to scroll quite often. It’s pretty boring, and I’m sure they’re worried about this experience turning people away from Firefox.

Granted, it might be a bit of a wait before Android browser users start enjoying a feature that appears to have been a mainstay of Google Chrome. A huge victory for Google.

It’s even crazier that Apple, which is usually the last to implement some of these usability features, is on track to beat Firefox at this feature given that Safari will be ready for a public release in September.


But the good thing is that Firefox users on Android will be assured that Mozilla is at least working on it, although there is no indication of when it might be available in beta or stable channels.

We’ll keep our eyes open and update this post once news of when this feature is widely rolled out becomes available.

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