How to update your iPhone to iOS 15


Many improvements in iOS 15 help collaboration and stay in touch with friends and family, which is appropriate given the current complexity of the pandemic.

Fun FaceTime: Now you can enjoy movies, TV shows and music with other people while video chatting on FaceTime, thanks to the new SharePlay feature. Like “Ted Lasso?” SharePlay’s picture-in-picture effect lets you capture onscreen action and reactions from your friends. The feature is compatible with Disney +, HBO Max and Spotify but not with Netflix. Not yet, at least.

FaceTime on Android, sort of: Android and Windows PC users can now participate in FaceTime calls. But first you need to send them an invitation with a link that opens a window in their web browser.

Notifications at the right time: Now you can group your notifications in batches and organize yourself to receive them at a time of your choice. Sports results in the morning? Headlines at lunchtime? It’s a good way to cut down on unnecessary distractions.

The redesigned notifications also feature more lines of text and larger app icons to improve readability at a glance.

New camera tip: The Live Text feature allows you to “take action” on objects in an image in your camera app or photo library. If you point the camera at a business card, for example, the feature will help you quickly create an email using the address printed on the card.

Better concentration: Think of the new Focus Mode as an expanded version of the Do Not Disturb feature that first appeared in iOS 6 in 2012. The upgrade gives you more fine-grained control over which apps and who is allowed to trigger notifications and ” interrupt ”your concentration, therefore speak.

Safari’s superpowers: In addition to letting you search the web using voice commands, Safari now supports browser extensions, small apps that you can download from the App Store to expand the capabilities of the browser, for example by blocking advertisements or automatically filling in your passwords.

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