New cameras to fight crime in Umgeni Park

EIGHT new Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are to be installed in strategic locations in the Umgeni Park and Rosehill areas by the end of November.

The installation of high-resolution cameras was necessary to combat an upsurge in crime in the region, said Umgeni Park CPF chairman Brian Daish.

Umgeni Park and Rosehill Neighborhood Watch recently launched a fundraiser to install the cameras in an effort to use technology to fight crime.

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“The community response to our fundraising campaign has been fantastic. We initially set the target of R25,000 and this was largely exceeded thanks to generous donations. This allowed us to carry out the first phase of this project which consists in determining the locations of the cameras with our technical team. We have targeted the end of November for the completion of the project which will see the installation of eight IP cameras. We have also established a war room in the Umgeni Park area where we will monitor the flow for any criminal activity.

“Phase two of this project is to consider installing several ANPR cameras in the region, the final phase of the project to establish a control room. We are working with various stakeholders, including security companies, to use this technology as a way to keep the community safe. We also need to be proactive in our approach to tackling crime, which has required the installation of cameras, ”he said.

Daish added that he had noticed an increase in crime in the Rosehill, Parkhill and Umgeni Park areas in recent weeks.

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“We also had two serious crimes, including the murder of a 76-year-old Athlone Road resident and the murder of a contractor on Buttery Road. These are two serious crimes that we have noticed with a number of burglary and fence hopper incidents. We hope that these new cameras will allow different communities to unite in the fight against crime and help identify escape routes and routine violators, ”he said.

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