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According to Wikipedia, Losango is a private financial solutions company that provides loans and manages credit cards. Since 2003, it has been part of the HSBC Group and has more than 300 stores throughout Brazil. Through Credito Diamond you can carry out your loans quickly, practically and safely. Through the website you can get the desired loan with the same agility and efficiency in the care you receive in the physical stores.

In addition to the personal loan service, Losango also works with credit card management, an increasingly popular financial service option among Brazilians entering the consumer market with greater purchasing power. Let’s go into a bit more about Losango’s financial services.

Losango Cards

Losango Credit Cards seek to meet the needs of different customer profiles. Like any normal credit card, you can make your purchases with convenience and security, you can make cash withdrawals (with payment of fees and interest when the card is drawn) and several benefits, having up to 40 days to pay for your shopping. The card options that Losango offers are:

Losango is one more option of financial institution for the Brazilian who wants better credit conditions for his life. (Photo:

  • Losango Visa Card : credit card that allows the customer to buy in more than 1 million accredited establishments. Minimum income of 1 minimum wage. Optional loss and theft insurance;
  • Cart Full Cart: you do your grocery shopping and have up to 70 days to pay. Up to 4 additional cards with optional loss and theft insurance;
  • Hybrid Card – Visa Flag: credit card of a certain commercial establishment (shop) with the Visa flag. In addition to wide acceptance, it offers special customer benefits when used on the partner store network. Optional loss and theft insurance;
  • Private Label Card : A Losango-managed card exclusive to a particular business establishment, which offers special benefits when used at one of the partner network stores. Up to 4 additional cards and optional loss and theft insurance.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Personal Loan Losango can give you up to R $ 20,000.00 in monthly draws, in addition to the credit contracted. You have up to 40 days to pay the first installment, also choosing the due date and can install up to 24 times in the check or 18 times in the card. It is also possible to participate in the monthly raffles with the adhesion to the Premium Insurance and the credit is easy with the pre-approval through the Central of Relationship Losango. It is important to remember that the loans are granted by HSBC BANK BRASIL SA – BANCO MULTIPLE.

Credit Confidence 

With the Personal Loan Confiança Losango, the client who is a professional liberal or who does not have proof of income, has special credit. The contractor has up to 45 days to pay the first installment, being able to choose the due date and up to R $ 1,500.00 with credit experience (presenting a credit card withdrawn or a credit card invoice). Easy installment in up to 12 times the same in the check or up to 10 times equal in the card.


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