The 9 best online team building platforms for remote teams


The success of a team depends on meaningful communication between its members. Remote employees generally have weaker relationships with their coworkers because they lack direct in-person communication.

Therefore, you should focus on trust and relationship building among team members for personal well-being and positive communication. The following websites are particularly useful as they offer free and paid team building activities and games for remote teams.

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With this website you can create lots of interactive quizzes for your team. It lets you choose from four different play styles: Grid, List, Multiple Choice, and Wheel.

Here you can fully customize the game as per your choice. TriviaMaker lets you add a team logo and use the brand color to create a familiar vibe. You can name the teams and add your favorite theme song.

You have the freedom to add your own categories, questions and answers to the games. This cloud-based freemium website offers support for multiple platforms. You can create, edit, and participate from web browsers and smartphones (Android and iOS.)

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Team building

Remote teams can participate in one of over 30 unique virtual events on the Team Building website. Each event or game will take around 60-90 minutes. Team members can participate in most activities through Zoom, while some events are available on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex.

Besides being fun, the events also aim to maximize engagement among remote teams. Events include a quiz, storytelling, team training, comedy workshop, and games like a virtual murder mystery, ghost hunt, Halloween party, and more.

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Most of the events offered by this website will cost from $ 30 to $ 50 per person. However, depending on team size and customization, the final price will vary.

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The company off-site.

You can benefit from the help of this website to organize top level virtual team events. You can organize events for teams of 25 to 10,000 people maximum.

The Offsite Co. offers full corporate culture customization for all events. The website designs the event based on your preferred technologies. You can host events like public trivia, a live scavenger hunt, and games like Treasure Mountain, Rube Goldberg, and Alpha Centauri.

Monthly subscription to this website will cost $ 8 / person. But if you are planning to have a single event, it will be $ 30 / person.

This website is perfect for those looking for fun icebreaker quizzes to connect and engage their team. Her virtual team building quiz only lasts two minutes per turn and helps build team bonds.

In addition to adding your own questions, you can use the curated set of 100 icebreakers offered by QuizBreaker. In addition to participating in the quiz, it allows the team to chat via comment threads and emojis.

You can play QuizBreaker games through any modern web browser or smartphone. It uses SSL encryption to secure the data shared by your team. It’ll only cost you $ 3 per user / month, plus a 21-day free trial that you can cancel at any time.

With Quiz Coconut’s remote team-building activities, you can ensure a virtual fun time for your team. It offers inclusive virtual events suitable for all ages and backgrounds to keep employees engaged. Events typically last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Remote employees can participate in general knowledge quizzes, game shows, name, interactive challenge, and fastest fingers first. Setting up online activities is easy as it also offers hosts to organize the event.

Events will cost between $ 750 and $ 1,500 depending on the size of the team and the date and time of the event. You will need to contact the Quiz Coconut team to get a quote.

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Random anecdotes generator

This quiz generator makes team engagement fun and enjoyable. It offers questions and answers on the following topics: science, arts, geography, general and entertainment. You do not have to pay to use the service of this website.

Any member of your team can become a host and ask questions of team members. You can divide employees into teams or let them participate individually. You can also assign another person to track the results.

On this website, you will get a lot of activities for your remote team that offer competition, connection and fun at the same time. By enjoying the game suite, you will also enjoy benefits like professional live hosts, premium features, video network and many more.

Whether you want to entertain a small team or a large crowd of 10,000, Go Remote helps you improve the remote office culture with standard virtual engagement. This online activity platform offers activities via game rooms, and one room can accommodate up to 25 people.

The standard price for a small room for 10 people starts from $ 299. An hour-long experience includes games such as Categories, Giphy Battle, Pub Trivia, Name That Tune, Lip Dub, Fact Match, Where in the World, Pictionary, and Photo Booth.

This virtual scavenger hunt app provides interaction through challenges and rewards so your team can engage in a fun activity, not another boring Zoom meeting. Team members can participate in these highly interactive events from anywhere.

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Activities include photo challenge, video challenge, QR code scan challenge, registration challenge, question and answer challenge, and multiple choice questions. You can also get feedback from your teammates on the games and change the strategy.

It allows you to start creating, starting and monitoring your activities. Or, you can ask the Scavify team to help you with these steps. To know the prices, you need to fill out a form on the website and submit it.

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It offers a range of team building activities for your remote team members. It offers games for every occasion to boost the morale and engagement of your team. Before and after organizing the services, you can also get feedback from your team.

Some popular activities available on this website are Team Trivia Challenge, Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery, Online Office Olympics, Winning Opinions, Scavenger Hunt, Survey Says, Guess My Sketch, What’s My Carbon Footprint, Can You Dig It, etc.

The schedule and price of activities vary and therefore you can choose the events to suit your budget and time.

Easily motivate your team members remotely

Due to the lack of direct interaction, creating a strong bond between remote team members becomes a challenge. You can keep your team members active and motivated by using any of the platforms mentioned above. Plus, your team members will become highly productive through effortless collaboration when they get to know each other.

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