Three Times Releases New Electric Single “Robot Soft Exorcism”


Three times releases a new electric single

In July, Thrice released her single “Scavengers”, the first song from her upcoming album, Horizons / East. Today, the Californian band shared their latest single, “Robot Soft Exorcism”. The song offers another taste of their upcoming release, which is slated for release on September 17 via Epitaph Records. In March, the group shared a few photos of their studio work, raising expectations among their fans.

The song’s video / visualizer continues the theme of cyberspace and the album cover. The audience can see machines working, a robotic head and a cyborg-like being running through space.

The song itself also stays true to the theme, with futuristic elements complementing the song’s beats. Vocalist Dustin Kensrue gives throughout the song. His voice is almost reminiscent of an early Chris Cornell. They’re rough just in a good way. The lyrics also showcase Kensrue’s songwriting abilities with phrases such as “But there’s another way to deal with the unexpected – you don’t have to stay inside this machine.” Looking up at the wreckage, only one figure stands – they scream and wave, so tiny and absurd.

While the previously released song, “Scavengers,” showed the band its dark and heavy side, “Robotic Soft Exorcism” takes a different path. Yes, it’s dark, but with all the little notes woven into the melody of the song, it elevates the song tremendously. In their press release, the band explains the name of the song: “The title of the song may sound familiar to those who know David Dark. The American author and teacher coined the term in a Twitter thread, exploring a metaphor to try to help us distinguish between harmful and destructive systems and those that inhabit and benefit from them.

The group is currently touring with hardcore group Touché Amoré next month.

Photo credit: Owen Ela


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