Twitter can display your Twitter Spaces auditor status


Twitter users can now view the spaces they listen to

Twitter Spaces is a fairly recent addition to the popular bird-themed social media platform, and launched a few months ago in competition with the booming Clubhouse app. Its function is very similar to Clubhouse: to provide voice chat rooms that people can host and join to chat about anything and everything. From music to Bitcoin, anime or anything else, there is a Twitter space for every interest.

With the growing popularity of Twitter Spaces, Twitter has brought them new features, such as a variety of voice filters, web browser support, and simpler management features for Space hosts. Yesterday, Twitter announced that it is also testing the ability for Twitter users to show their followers the spaces they listen to (as reported by 9to5Mac).

Such a feature would be a further extension of the already existing ability to show your subscribers the spaces that you are currently hosting, or even in which you are currently speaking. If you have only joined one space as a Auditor, however, your Auditor status may not be displayed on your profile.

As a listener, you have the option to react to the conversation with emojis, follow live captions, as well as tweet or direct messages to the space. It would therefore be an interesting addition to display your auditor status on your profile. , so that all interested subscribers can join and listen with you.

In Twitter Publish Announcing that the platform is working on implementing this feature, the company said it is “currently experimenting with ways to help you discover more spaces.”

This suggests that it’s not a guarantee that we’ll see it rolled out to everyone on the platform in the future, and Twitter has asked users to send in their thoughts on the matter as well. If the response is overwhelmingly positive, chances are we will see the option to display our listener status in Twitter Spaces in the future.

9to5Mac also mentioned a recent leak that hinted at the possibility of revisiting past spaces, which have already ended, and replaying an audio recording of them. But unlike the potential listener status feature, Twitter has yet to comment on such an addition.

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