8 best Chrome extensions for productivity


Extensions are designed for all kinds of purposes, from task management and faster access to data to automating repetitive work and more. Some are more useful than others, but a good productivity extension can be extremely beneficial when it comes to helping you work more efficiently every day.

Here are some suitors to check out.

Type less with text shortcuts

If you find yourself typing the same sentences day in and day out, be sure to check out the Magic – Text Extension extension. It allows you to configure custom shortcuts which, when entered, automatically expand into full sentences: “brb” can expand to “be back” or “zm” can expand to your Zoom meeting URL .

Better yet: if you work in a team with other repetitive typists, you can share shortcuts between them.

Limit access to distracting sites

When it comes to buckling up and getting work done, sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Use the StayFocusd extension to create a list of distracting sites and then apply daily time limits to them. Once you’ve used up your time, they’re blocked until tomorrow.

The extension allows you to block entire sites or just certain items like videos, subdomains, specific pages, etc.

Quick zoom planning

If you are using Google Calendar and Zoom, the Zoom planner extension is essential. It lets you schedule a meeting directly from Google Calendar by clicking a big blue “Make it a Zoom Meeting” button, which sends the meeting link and relevant information as a calendar invitation to your recipients.

For those times when you just can’t wait To meet you, you can also start an instant meeting directly from the extension icon.

Make a picture-in-picture tab appear

Some might call it watching soap operas while you work. You, however, call it multitasking. And it’s easier than ever with the Floating tab extension.

Its name is pretty descriptive in that when you click on it, your current tab appears in a floating tab that you can position elsewhere on your screen. Floating tabs are stripped of all the surrounding interface and can be resized to perfectly fit whatever you are trying to monitor as you work.

Highlight websites and PDFs with ease

Speed ​​up your searches with the Highlighter Weava extension, which lets you hover your cursor over text snippets on web pages and in PDF files to create color-coded highlights. Highlights can be organized into folders and subfolders to make them easier to find later, and they’re synced to the cloud so you can access them from other computers.

You can even create auto-generated quotes from the text you’ve highlighted. Where was this feature when I was in college a million years ago ?!

Simulate two monitors at a lower cost

For many of us, the idea of ​​working with a single monitor these days is. . . good . . . unthinkable. Presented as “the two-monitor solution for the poor”, the Without duplicate The extension allows you to split your current browser window into two perfectly pre-sized windows with just one click.

No need to bother to get everything properly sized and aligned: the extension offers up to five horizontal and vertical ratios each, from 3: 7 to 4: 6 to 5: 5 and vice versa, allowing for quick dividing your space.

Integrated breaks

Taking breaks is important, even if you don’t have time to take breaks. And one way to work more efficiently while taking a break is the popular Pomodoro technique. At a very high level, it involves doing concentrated work on a specific task for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. Repeat this cycle three more times, then take a 15-minute break.

It can be difficult to time everything correctly, but luckily the Marinara: Assistant Pomodoro extension takes care of everything for you. Use it to quickly start targeted, short and long timers from your browser. You can adjust the durations to your liking and view your stats to see how well you’re sticking to your overall plan.

Save tabs for later

It is 9 o’clock. You are in your place, about to start the most productive workday in work history. And then a formidable Interesting article finds its way into your tab. And then another. And then another.

And then it’s lunchtime.

Seems familiar? Then you could be a prime candidate for the excellent Tab Snooze extension. When you’re on a tab that you know there won’t be much work to do, you can virtually put it to sleep until later today, tomorrow, weekend, next month, or one of the few other options, even a custom date.

Once the snooze period is over, the tab will reappear in your browser for you to enjoy. Treat yourself: you have deserved it!

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