Almost 70% of UK businesses still use landlines despite looming Big Switch Off

A recent survey by National Business Communications found that 69.5% of UK businesses still use landlines within their business.

While the pandemic has forced many businesses to switch to different methods such as Voice over Internet Protocol using apps like Teams Microsoft and Zoom, it appears businesses continue to use them along with other options.

While using landlines can be seen as an old-fashioned way and not a huge problem, businesses need to start thinking about switching to cloud-based technologies with the Big Switch Off coming in 2025. BT announced the Big Switch Off in 2015, but only one in five companies are fully aware of what it is, while 59.7% have no idea what it is.

John Griffiths, president of National Business Communications, said, “Businesses need to start preparing for the shutdown now. We expect a lockdown in 2025 due to unprepared businesses, which could mean the industry won’t be able to keep up with last-minute orders, potentially leaving businesses without service. “

The Big Switch Off will see all Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) disabled. This means that businesses will need to migrate to a single core IP network, replacing all existing networks and creating a fully digital network. Shutdown can also affect non-voice services such as CCTV, alarms, faxes, EPOS machines, and door entry systems.

John added: “While it may sound scary for businesses that still rely on landlines, there are alternatives such as VoIP and the transition can be smooth. “

The survey also found that cell phones and VoIP are the main alternatives that businesses will use after landlines are turned off – 86..2% of respondents said they would make calls via cell phones and 62 , 5% said VoIP. About 4% of those surveyed say they are not sure what they will use.

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