Android Auto now works on Tesla cars through the browser


This allows users to take advantage of services like Google Maps or Waze directly from Tesla’s center console.

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Tesla resisted the inclusion of telephone transmission technology

Tesla has resisted the adoption of drivetrain technologies from phones like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but now a developer has managed to get Android Auto to run on the Tesla infotainment system. He made it work through the browser and an app on the Google Play Store. This feature has been requested for a long time but Tesla has not paid attention to these requests. In fact, Elon Musk even once said that Tesla was working on his own phone projection software solution that didn’t see the light of day. It has a closed system in which it vertically controls what goes on inside its hardware and software. But a developer by the name of AAWireless came up with a workaround using the Tesla infotainment system web browser called TeslAA – Android Auto on the Tesla browser. A first version of the software was released in June.

Tesla owners can download the app which costs $ 6.50 and use it. Users can connect their phone to the car via bluetooth and connect the Tesla via WiFi to the phone’s hotspot, then go to via the browser.


Tesla is known for its unique infotainment system


This allows users to take advantage of services like Google Maps or Waze directly from Tesla’s center console. Users can also access streaming services like Apple Music or Youtube music which are not natively supported. The app is currently in beta and carandbike cannot independently verify that it is working properly. For what it’s worth, the developer notes a few issues –
– When / after switching to reverse, the video may become unresponsive. A refresh of the page will correct this.
– The app uses native FFMPEG binary on the phone side, which can sometimes die in the background. This won’t happen during the ride, rather during setup or if you close Tesla’s browser a few times and then go back to it. Unfortunately, this requires stopping and restarting the TeslAA service.
– Performance also depends on phone and Tesla browser. Underpowered phones may not be able to stream 720p properly.
– Wireless charging while using AA can cause the phone to overheat (this happens on my OnePlus 8 Pro), I can avoid this by using a wired charger (a little unfortunate, but it depends again phone).
– If you lose your mobile phone signal for a long time, Telsa may decide to disconnect from WiFi and you will not be able to reconnect until you are back in a mobile coverage area.

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