Best IP address change Chrome extensions of 2022

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About the Best Chrome Extensions to Change IP Address

If you are not using a standalone VPN and want to change your IP address, you can use a browser extension. You’ll need a proxy extension or a VPN extension, but both get the job done. If you want to look like a different country or want to add a layer of silence to your browsing, here are some of the best Chrome extensions for changing your IP address.

I would always suggest using a full VPN. Not only does it hide your IP address, it also encrypts all of your web traffic between your computer and the VPN server. It might not be encrypted the rest of the time, but there is no evidence of a link between your VPN connection and this unencrypted traffic if your VPN is not keeping logs.

A proxy acts as a mediator and is similar to a VPN, except that it does not encrypt your traffic or hide it. Instead, wherever you browse from this proxy server, you will see that server’s IP address and not the real one.

Check out the list of the best Chrome extensions that change IP addresses


GeoProxy is a robust proxy extension with a variety of server locations and IP addresses. The app is periodically updated and shows you the IP address ranges in order of latency. Addresses at the top are currently faster than addresses at the bottom of the list. There are many countries to choose from and the app is free and works well. GeoProxy is a very useful extension that allows you to change your IP address to show that you are from a completely different country or a country you are in, only with a different IP address.

Virtually any country in the world can be found in the drop-down list, see the image above. The only downside is that not all countries have IP addresses that you can choose as your own. Finding a working IP address is also kind of a “hit and miss” situation, but once you find a working IP address everything is working and your IP changes.


Stealthy is another proxy extension for Chrome. This extension does not provide you with a list, but allows you to enter a country and select a proxy server for that country. It does little work and displays elsewhere and stays out of the way while in use. It is ideal for beginners because all you need to know is which country you want to appear in. The rest is up to you. A solid option.

Stealthy is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows you to visit restricted websites based on geographic location, government or organizational regulations. Stealthy does it all for you. Just turn it on and you can surf the Internet freely.

With Stealthy, you will have access to the entire Internet. Without restrictions. Without limits. Overcome all limitations, restrictions, and banned sites for the country or organization. Basically, you’ll be like a spy, able to walk through all areas undetected.

Free CyberGhost VPN Proxy

Another solid option is CyberGhost VPN Free Proxy. This is a free version of CyberGhost’s paid VPN service, but it doesn’t compromise on speed or usability. It’s limited to four endpoints, but other than that, the expansion works well, offers decent speeds even at peak times, and doesn’t bombard you with too much hype. It is also worth the detour.

CyberGhost is a browser plugin for unblocking websites and enjoying your favorite content seamlessly. It is one of the best IP blocking programs for streaming and for bypassing geo-restrictions. This program helps you surf the internet anonymously without any restrictions.

CyberGhost app gives you easy access to NoSpy server. Encrypts data using the latest AES 256-bit encryption technique. This program allows you to hide IP with one touch. It will notify you when you connect to an unsecured public network.

Hello Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

Hello Free VPN Proxy Unblocker is one of the few free VPNs that can be used. It’s only suitable for short periods of activity as it can quickly slow down with other users, but that’s fine for a free product. It uses a Tor-like configuration in which each Hola user donates a portion of their bandwidth to other users to keep the system running. Also works.

Unlike the competition, Hola does not rely on a fixed network of managed servers. The company describes itself as a “peer to peer” VPN, where browser traffic is routed through its users. Your traffic goes through the computers of other people who have installed the service, and some of your traffic may go through their devices.

Hello works almost everywhere, with browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge; Custom browsers available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, and the ability to configure the service on many other platforms.

Windscribe – Free VPN and Ad Blocker

Windscribe – Free VPN and Ad Blocker is another great free VPN extension for Chrome. It is also from a premium VPN provider and it will serve ads, but it has decent performance, lots of options and will also help remove ads. Some ads are still showing, but they clean up your browsing experience well.

Perhaps most concerning is Windscribe’s recent security breach in Ukraine, where they left the servers unencrypted. As the servers were not encrypted, the Ukrainian authorities were able to obtain Windscribe’s private key when they seized the VPN servers.

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