Beyond Protocol lists native token on MEXC Global

NEW YORK, December 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Beyond the protocol, the distributed ledger technology platform, is proud to announce the listing of its native token on MEXC Global, a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 6 million users in more than 70 countries.

“We are delighted to provide investors and traders with exposure to Beyond Protocol through our friends at MEXC,” said Beyond the PDG protocol Jonathan manzi. “Beyond Protocol benefits from the reputation, popularity and use of MEXC by retail investors and blockchain and financial professionals, particularly in asia markets. “

Named ‘Best Crypto Exchange In Asia‘At the Crypto Expo Dubai held in October, MEXC will allow retail investors around the world to invest in the Beyond Protocol governance token, which will trade on the stock exchange under the ticker $ BEYONDPROTOCOL. Listing on MEXC follows several other listings for the Beyond Protocol token in recent months on centralized and decentralized exchanges, including BitMart, Digifinex, and Uniswap.

“Our listing on MEXC highlights our expansion this year into an internationally renowned blockchain company specializing in IoT with strategic footprints in select markets,” adds Jonathan. “We are pleased that a new demographic of investors currently on the MEXC platform can learn more about Beyond Protocol and invest in our vision for a more interconnected future.”

The $ BEYONDPROTOCOL token on MEXC, which trades on Digifinex and Bitmart under the ticker $ BP, functions in the protocol as a way to compensate validating nodes and provide an incentive to continue investing in the network; these nodes form the backbone of Beyond Protocol and make the service “probably impossible to hack”. $ BEYONDPROTOCOL can be used for value transfer between devices and for peer-to-peer transactions both on and off-chain.

About Beyond Protocol:

Beyond Protocol is a distributed ledger technology project that provides a secure, probabilistic non-hackable solution to inter-device / Internet of Things (IoT) communication. With a line of code, Beyond Protocol’s platform enables secure message brokerage between devices through the use of blockchain technology and unique hardware signatures, and equips devices with a payment gateway based on the. cryptocurrency for automated behind-the-scenes transactions. Beyond Protocol seeks to create real and practical solutions for device security and payments in a machine economy.

For more information, please contact Arif Sunmonu at [email protected].

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