Delhi: 5 detained for an extortion offer of Rs 2 crore to Union Minister Ajay Mishra Teni for a “video of violence” | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: After a week-long pursuit, Delhi police arrested five men for allegedly blackmailing Junior Interior Minister Ajay Mishra Teni and attempting to extort 2 crore rupees from him. The tech-savvy gang were hard to catch as they covered their tracks by using proxy servers and “technically confusing” their location on calls.
An investigation is underway to determine whether the defendants – Kabir Verma, Amit Kumar, Amit Majhi, Nishant and Ashwani – had been hired for the post and whether an acquaintance of the minister or a political rival was behind the incident. a source said. One of the defendants has a criminal history and has been involved in a cheating case in the past, an initial investigation has revealed, while the others are novices.

Police said the tech-savvy gang were difficult to catch as they covered their tracks by using proxy servers and “technically confusing” their location while making calls.

The VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls were made to the official and publicly accessible number of the Minister, which were received by his personal assistant. The caller had claimed to have a video, which could apparently “indict” Teni and his son in the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, the minister’s office said in its complaint to the police.
On October 3, four protesting farmers and a journalist were shot down by a convoy of Minister Teni’s son, Ashish Mishra, as a result of which three people in the convoy were killed in retaliation. The defendants claimed to be in possession of an unseen video of this incident.
Insisting that there could be no such incriminating video, the minister asked Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana to investigate the appeals as a matter of priority. An FIR was registered at the North Avenue Police Station in the New Delhi District on December 17 and an investigation was opened.
An elite team was formed to catch the suspects and the special cell provided crucial information, including leads generated by “social engineering” methods, sources said. The arrests were the result of a thorough analysis of the recordings of Internet Protocol details coupled with traditional technical methods, which required access to the suspects’ devices.
The suspects are highly skilled in the technical aspects of voice over Internet telephony due to their BPO background. They used proxy servers for dynamic IP addresses and a virtual private network (VPN) to make calls. The accused made extortion calls from a park in Sector 15 of Noida to avoid being arrested as the park falls between two moving signal towers. This, they speculated, would give the cops misleading data if they attempted to trace the location of the call.
Sources said police were trying to determine if the gang transformed videos after they recovered a video device apart from technical equipment used for VOIP calls.
After technical surveillance drove the cops close to the accused’s location, a calibrated operation was launched to catch them. As they were constantly on the move in their “car office”, they were told to collect the money. When a suspect arrived to take payment, he was caught by a secret team and simultaneous raids were carried out in the Noida and Siraspur area of ​​Delhi to catch the other four. The defendants were presented to court and remanded in custody for three days for questioning and unraveling the entire plot. They are questioned in an undisclosed location.
The gang, according to the cops, chose their targets at random. They called people embroiled in controversies after seeing them on news channels and attempted to extort money using processed audios and videos, sources said.

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