Emmerdale spoilers – Manpreet is threatened with death by Meena

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Manpreet Sharma received a death threat from Meena Jutla in Emmerdale‘s special New Years Eve.

Friday’s New Years episode continued Manpreet’s plight as she remained tied to the bed by her mean sister Meena. However, Manpreet was also preparing a chance to escape throughout the episode.

Since Meena was planning to go out for the night, Manpreet tried to convince her that she had a chance to win Billy back, because the more her sister was gone, the more likely she was to escape.


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“I would say, ‘Don’t wait,’ but you kind of don’t have a choice,” Meena joked. “I kind of hope I don’t come back at all.”

Meena’s evening didn’t last long when Billy confessed to her that he preferred to join his friends and girlfriend Dawn at a club for the night, leaving her dejected again.

Furious Meena returned home to find Manpreet who had just freed himself, so she knocked her sister out and tied her to the bed. Once Manpreet returned, she faced a chilling warning from her brother.

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“Since it’s New Years, I have to make some resolutions about where my life is going. And when I say ‘my life’, of course, I mean yours. What little you have left,” she threatened.

“Now I realized I can kill you after all. “

With a wicked smile, Meena turned to leave and locked the door to Manpreet’s bedroom. Manpreet feared for his life as the New Year’s fireworks continued in the village.

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