Google Chrome: RSS button is now available for Android, iOS users to follow, what is it?


Google Chrome has successfully launched a new “RSS button” for the application found on Android smartphones, and they are now readily available to be enabled for real-time updates. However, this is limited to Android operating systems at this time, as functionality for iOS will follow, and it may take up to the next year for that.

In early 2013, there was a trend where companies like LinkedIn followed Google Read’s movement to shut down its RSS feed and functionality, where it updates a user with any changes. That being said, only a few websites offered this feature, although it is easy to use for those who need or need it.

Google Chrome RSS button for Android

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Google Chrome has a new RSS button for Android, and web browser engineering director Adrienne Porter Felt revealed on Twitter that he already has arrived on the mobile platform. All Android devices have Chrome easily installed on the smartphone, and sometimes it can be the default browser, which means it’s a massive update for them.

That being said, Felt shared that it could be enabled and disabled through settings or have it turned on the default configuration where that wouldn’t be the first thing people would see.

There are many tweaks and settings that a person can make for this, especially since the RSS feed for news and other websites is part of the app personalization.

The RSS button: how to activate it via the phone’s browser

It can help in the overall browsing experience a person would have with Google Chrome, especially since it remains one of the most widely used browsers for mobile and computing platforms.

The RSS button is already available to some users through Chrome 94+ for Android by searching for “chrome: // flags” in their web browsers and searching under “web feed”.

After which, users can go to the three dot menu on Chrome, where if they look down they will see a “Follow” feature for a website’s RSS. It would appear automatically when launching the website application.

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What is RSS?

The RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, and it’s a real-time update from a website that provides everything a person needs without having to go to the site itself to refresh themselves . This means that it is sort of a site data collector that presents or exposes the essential data that a person needs in a specific area.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can focus on a story or a certain topic that a person is following, as it primarily captures the entirety of the website’s data or feed.

This is useful in a way, especially for those who need the morning news or updates which are readily available on the specific site. Also, it helps to avoid needing to open the site as it can sometimes help with slow connections.

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