Huawei Attends 2021 Middle East Cyber ​​Security Fairs to Discuss Cloud Security Challenges and Collaboration

[Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, December 15, 2021] The Middle East session of Cybersecurity Fairs 2021 took place online yesterday. As an initiative of Global Forum in partnership with Cullen International, the online event brought together key regional industry experts and Huawei speakers for a panel discussion to explore the cybersecurity challenges facing businesses. organizations and explore opportunities for future collaboration.

This session concludes the 2021 Security Salon series, following events held in the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions. His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber ​​Security, Government of the United Arab Emirates delivered keynote speech.

“We need to keep the ecosystem that supports our digital economy open, transparent and collaborative,” he said. “Cloud security will be at the heart of our new cybersecurity framework, because the future of securing cyberspace lies in mastering the cloud. “

The show also attended a panel discussion on cloud security and digital transformation.

Rasha Al Abdali, Director of Compliance, Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Sultanate of Oman, said good balance and good governance are essential.

She said: “Data governance ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page in terms of defining roles and responsibilities. “

Dr Jassim Haji, chairman of the Artificial Intelligence group, also pointed out that artificial intelligence will play a greater role in tracking cyberthreats in the Middle East and beyond.

Charbel Chbeir, Board Member of ARISPA, the industry organization of the League of Arab States, stressed that the “digital revolution”, which allows every individual to communicate with others at all times, has implications for every person. and ownership. It is obvious that the law must adapt to these new parameters of social life.

Kamal Zian, Security Director, Huawei Gulf North, highlighted the role of regional industry experts and technology leaders in cybersecurity: “As they recovered from the pandemic, countries in the Middle East have realized the importance of the cloud as a key enabler of digital economies. At Huawei, we are committed to supporting the region’s digital transformation by providing innovative, secure and secure cloud services. “

From left to right: HE Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti (UAE government), Jassim Haji (artificial intelligence group), Kamal Zian (Huawei), Rasha Al Abdali (Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and Technology of the information, Sultanate of Oman), Charbel Chbeir (ARISPA)

Huawei is a trusted global ICT partner with leading cloud and cybersecurity expertise and continues to collaborate and contribute to the industry across the region. By working with partners and customers to advance cybersecurity, Huawei continues to support rapid digitization and is a key driver of cloud adoption to support the digital transformation of the Middle East.

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