Joint musical program of continental producer, TVB sparks discussion by demanding applicants with blank files


Vocalist Yan Xingli (1st L) and bassist Luo Chunmei (1st R) of student group “Encounter” rehearse for a live concert at Haiga Primary School in Dawan County of Liupanshui, Guizhou Province ( southwest China), August 18, 2020. The live concert was given on Wednesday evening by two groups of students from Haiga Primary School, “Encounter” and “Unknown Teenagers”, in collaboration with the group Chinese New Pants. Haiga Primary School is located on Jiucaiping Mountain, 2,400 meters above sea level. Its two groups of students were born in 2018 and consist of young music lovers of different ages, and they have grown into skilled musicians with proper instruction. As their instructor Gu Ya says, music is indeed one of the best heart purifiers for students, although it won’t necessarily improve their material circumstances. According to the video-sharing platform Douyin, Wednesday’s live concert drew 142 million viewers online. (Xinhua / Liu Xu)

A mainland Chinese television program producer and Hong Kong TVB have jointly launched a music competition program, and the entry page warns applicants that those who later prove to have a history of crime or serious misconduct will have to compensate them. two producers of a specified amount.

The show titled ShengShengBuxi (Literally Can’t Stop Music) will be co-produced by Mango TV, Hunan TV’s online video platform, and TVB, and is expected to invite young singers to perform classic songs from Hong Kong.

Singers from mainland China and Hong Kong can participate in the program, Mango TV’s Global Times has learned. The goal of the show is to find talented musicians who are proficient in Hong Kong music and Cantonese songs, and to bring Hong Kong music back to life in the new era.

Registration began on October 19 in Hong Kong and one of the requirements for applicants was to have no record of criminal or immoral behavior, according to a screenshot posted by and some Hong Kong media. .

Since the registration was completed, the original page is inaccessible but the screenshot of the requirement has gone viral on Sina Weibo.

One area of ​​speculation was that the requirement was to teach Hong Kong youth to respect laws and social rules.

Eric Tsang, managing director of TVB, told the Ta Kung Pao newspaper that 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the homeland. TVB will work in close collaboration with the continental platforms and will integrate into the development of the Grande Baie region. This collaboration with Mango TV is the first step.

He noted that the Hong Kong rioters affected many young people in Hong Kong and misguided them. TV channels should take their social responsibility to provide more positive energy.

Some Sina Weibo netizens speculated that the requirement was to exclude singers with such records for fear their misdeeds would come to light after filming began and create problems for the program.

Mango TV’s other variety show, Call Me By Fire, encountered the same situation twice, when mainland singer Huo Zun was suspected of cheating on his girlfriend and again when pianist Li Yundi was suspected of cheating. solicit prostitutes. Mango TV had to cut or scramble scenes featuring them during the night.

China has tightened sanctions against celebrities who have committed crimes or engaged in immoral behavior since China’s Cyberspace Administration issued an advisory. Some stars from mainland China, including actress Zheng Shuang and some musicians who fell victim to a drug scandal, have lost any chance of reappearing in front of the public.

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