Reminder: No newspaper edition on Thanksgiving

Sonny Elliott / The Baxter Bulletin

As the Baxter Bulletin approaches the holiday season, we want to remind readers of some very important changes.

Phillips Media, the parent company of The Bulletin, does not publish newspapers on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. There will be no papers delivered by carrier or courier. Our offices will also be closed on these days so that employees can enjoy family vacations.

On Saturday, November 13, The Bulletin announced several changes to the post, but many subscribers missed the story and are unaware of the changes.

Here’s a recap of the most important things to know for readers:

• The Baxter Bulletin app for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices has been discontinued. No newspaper after the November 13 edition is available on this application. We recommend that all subscribers remove these apps immediately.

The apps are owned by Gannett, the former owner of The Bulletin, and the ability to update them ended with the closure of the aftermarket transition to Phillips Media.

• To access the Bulletin on any device, simply open a web browser on your device (we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox) and visit

At this point, visitors do not need to log in, as we are continuing our free preview mode. At the end of the preview, customers will be notified that they need to log in to access the content.

• Our office telephone service remains unreliable. The Phillips Media tech team continues to upgrade the infrastructure here at the corner of 6th and Hickory as it has been neglected for many years by Gannett.

New phones have been installed and the number 870-508-8000 is now active, but sometimes it does not accept voicemail messages. You can reach the press room at 870-508-8050. We will be announcing more phone numbers soon.

• Now for some great news! You asked for it and you got it. Sports TV programs are making a comeback in the newspapers. These will be in our Sports section daily. Second, many readers missed their Parade magazine inserts in the Saturday editions. These should return the first weekend of December.

• There is bad news that we are sure will disappoint some readers. In the previous announcement, we alerted readers that The Bulletin is ending color comics in the Saturday edition.

A lot of readers are not happy, we understand that, but it is a decision that allows us to use more financial resources for the production of local content for our readers.

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